Beginner Kitesurfing Package + accommodation in a guest room

Kite Adventure gives you the opportunity to organize all your kitesurfing holidays with us. You do not have to worry about wasting time visiting dozens of pages on the Internet looking for housing, for a group, a couple, a family. We collaborate with several guest houses, inns, hotels and private apartments. The accommodations have been selected with care, there are different prices, we guarantee you the best qualities. You just have to pack, we take care of the rest.


The pack contains:

 Civil Liability Insurance

 6 nights in a beautiful typical Djerbian LPD accommodation

 Autonomous internship of 12 hours all materials provided (1 trainee)

 1 outing in Stand Up Paddle

 Airport transfers - goings and comings

 Daily shuttle spot / accommodation

 Many Resto outings, Bars, visit of the island, shopping ...

 A barbecue party

 Price for a kitesurf trainee