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Advanced Course

Duration: 1 hours f You are ready to become more advanced and ready to learn more about the art of kitesurfing! Learn to master riding in all directions as well as basic jumping techniques! Learn how to help your friends with board recovery! Our instructor will show various techniques like how to jump and how …

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Discovered Course

  Duration: 3 hours You will be able to:   Control a 2 lines small sail   Manage the equipment; set-up; security systems   Discover the Flight Window   Control a Kite   Takeoff and land the kite   Move and control the Kite with a single hand   Body drag For group classes you are …

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Kitesurfing Begginer Course

To discover the activity, 3 sessions may be enough, but to be autonomous and buy your own equipment, 5 sessions minimum will be necessary.  A - Duration: 3 sessions or 2:30 days: 180 €  B - Duration: 4 sessions or 2:30 am days: 240 € You will learn to   Enter and exit the water …

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  Duration: 3 hours Kite Adventure organizes downwind navigation for everyone Kitsters who start to shoot long in both directions (port-starboard) and have good wing control. We propose outings on several spots island of djerba according to the weather conditions. All the navigations proposed by our center are tested and studied to avoid all dangers. …

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Kitesurf Rental

  You just need to be able to demonstrate a certain level of practice A deposit of 80 € will be asked. Any damage or non-return of the equipment will result in the cashing of the deposit.   Liability insurance included.   Duration / Equipment 1 hour Half day 9h-12h One day 9h-18h Week 5 …

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